Mount Makovytsia

Makovytsia Mountain is one of the highest peaks in the vicinity of Yaremche. From the top of the mountain there is a panorama of picturesque mountain landscapes: Yavirnyk ridge, Khomiak, Syniak and Dovbushanka peaks, as well as Hoverla and Petros.
Climbing Mount Makovytsia does not require much effort and will be possible for everyone: from three-year-olds to the elderly.
The name of the mountain comes from the word “makivka” – upper part, head, pinnacle, top, top point, summit, vertex, apex. According to other sources, the origin of the name from the Sanskrit language means a place of worship (temple).
The height of the mountain is 984.5 m. The northern and north-western slopes are steep, the southern and south-western slopes are more gentle.
There are two main tourist routes to Makovytsia. The first starts from Ivan Franko street, near the spring and the chapel, in the suburbs of Yamna and further along the ridge to Makovytsia. The second starts from the Dovbush rock, near the railway and railway tunnel, along the Dovbush path and through the Dovbush rock.
Characteristics of the route to the mountain:
easy route, also available for children;
length: 8 km;
average duration: 5 hours;
altitude range: 445 m (539 – 984 m);
GPS coordinates: 48.45146942 24.59090042
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