Waterfall Divochi Slozy (Maiden Tears)

Divóchi Slózy is a waterfall in the Ukrainian Carpathians (Gorgan massif). Located within the Yaremche City Council.
It is located on one of the tributaries of the Prut – the river Zhonka, in a picturesque place. It is surrounded by beech forest and moss-covered rocks.
The full-flowing and picturesque waterfall Divóchi Slózy turns this place into a cozy fairy-tale nook.
Divóchi Slózy is a low waterfall. However, falling from a height of 1.5 m, forms a shallow lake – a kind of bath depth to human height. Anyone who wants to cheer up after a long walk can immerse themselves in this ice bath, because the water in mountain rivers is always cold.
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