Mount Yavirnyk-Gorgan

Yavirnyk-Gorgan is a mountain in the south-eastern part of Gorgan (Ukrainian Carpathians). This is the highest peak of the Yavirnyk ridge.
Its height is 1467 m, the difference in height in comparison with the Prut valley is 600-700 m. The slopes are divided by tributaries of the rivers of the Prut basin.
Climbing Mount Yavirnyk-Gorgan is a popular point on weekend hiking trails, although tourists usually stop at the previous peak Gorgan Yavirnytskyi. From the top you can see the neighboring mountains and ridges: Syniak and Dovbushanka (in the northwest), Syniak (in the south). In the south-east you can see the Chornohirskyi massif with Mount Hoverla.