Mount Khomiak (Hamster)

Khomiak (Hamster) is a Mount in the southeastern part of Gorgan (Ukrainian Carpathians).
Its height is 1542 m, the difference in height in comparison with the Prut valley is 700-800 m.
From the top you can see the neighboring mountains and ridges: Syniak and Dovbushanka (in the northwest), Yavirnyk (in the north), Lisniv (in the east). In the south-east you can see the Chornohirskyi massif with Mount Hoverla.
Climbing Mount Khomiak is a popular hiking trail on weekends and is easy for both beginners and experienced travelers.
You will see a variety of landscapes, coniferous forests that surround the lower part of the mountain, and boulders scattered all over the top. There is a figure of the Blessed Virgin at the very top.
At the base of the mountain there is the Polonyna Khomiakiv. Here you can always meet a lot of tourists, because this place is really very beautiful and it is quite easy to get here.
In the beginning, climbing the mountain is quite simple, you will walk on a gentle slope surrounded by forest. But closer to the top it will be more difficult: there begins a quite steep and narrow path.
But when you reach the ultimate goal, you will not remember the difficulties you had to overcome, at the top you will find a “prize” – an extremely picturesque landscape.