Waterfall Probiy

Probiy (another name – Yaremche Waterfall) is a cascading waterfall in the Ukrainian Carpathians, on the Prut River. Located within the city of Yaremche, in the Carpathian National Nature Park.
Probiy is one of the deepest waterfalls in the Carpathians. The height of the water drop is 8 m, the angle of inclination is almost 45 degrees.
Probiy Waterfall is a popular tourist attraction. A bridge 20 m high was built above the waterfall. Below the waterfall there is a wide and deep basin with a relatively calmer current. One of the souvenir markets of Yaremche is located near the waterfall.
Hutsuls believe that the places near the mountain waterfall have powerful energy. Everyone feels it near the Probiy. Here you can gain vitality, and then feel all the problems and worries as if washed away by water.
It is easy to breathe near the waterfall. Ionized air by rapid waterfalls, which is saturated with high oxygen content and aromas of the Carpathian forests – helps prevent respiratory diseases.
Probiy Waterfall can be called one of the main attractions of Yaremche.
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