Carpathian National Nature Park

Carpathian National Nature Park is a national park of Ukraine in the Ivano-Frankivsk region. Created to preserve the unique forest ecosystems of Central Europe.
Carpathian National Nature Park is the first and one of the largest national nature parks in Ukraine. It was established on June 3, 1980.
The area of ​​the park is 50,495 hectares. Its territory stretches for 55 km from north to south and 20 km from west to east. Most of the park’s territory is located within absolute altitudes – 500-2000 m above sea level. The highest point of Ukraine – the top of Mount Hoverla (2061 m above sea level) – is located within the park.
The park is located in the highest and most geographically interesting sector of the Chornohirskyi and Gorgan massifs.
The special value of the park are spruce, fir and beech ancient forests aged from 170 to 220 years.
Ecotourism Visit Center opened in the Carpathian National Nature Park in 2009, which was established with the financial support of the European Union.
The main purpose of the establishment and operation of the Visit Center in Yaremche is to promote the development of an attractive ecotourism image of the park. Today, it is the singular tourist facility that represents not only the area, but also modern concepts of environmental protection in an attractive and interesting format for visitors.
Visitors can get interesting information about the region, protected areas, rich flora and fauna, culture and life of locals. Buy informational and promotional materials at a reasonable price, visit the room-museum of Hutsul region.
The Ecotourism Visit Center of the Carpathian National Nature Park reflects a unique model of the Ukrainian National Park, which includes three most important components: nature – the beauty and uniqueness of the natural landscape, history – the characteristic and unique historical and ethnographic environment, religion – sacredness, sanctity of local architecture and religious buildings.
Office address of the Carpathian National Nature Park: Yaremche, Vasyl Stus street, 6, Ivano-Frankivsk Region.